Beatriz Rossello Nevares: The Best Places to Spend Christmas

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Today Beatriz Rossello Nevares is going to share about Christmas. Just few days are left for Christmas festival. From New Mexico to New Zealand, a world of amazing Christmas celebrations awaits. According to Beatriz Rossello Nevares, Christmas is a great time to travel across the world. Red lights are in the trees, snow is everywhere, waiting for you in the most beautiful cities. All over the world different traditions and celebrations take place.

Here are The 10 Best Places to Spend Christmas

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Reykjavik, Iceland
  • New York City, USA
  • Lapland, Finland
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Taos, New Mexico
  • Rome, Italy
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Montréal, Canada
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Beatriz Rossello Nevares: The Benefits of Traveling

According to Beatriz Rossello Nevares, traveling is the best way to see new places, increase your network, know about culture etc. Beatriz Rossello Nevares says when you start exploring new places, you get a better understanding of the people living there including their culture, history, and background.
In other word’s you can say that you learn new things & facts in every step while you are on traveling.

Here Beatriz Rossello Nevares shares the benefits of traveling:

Embrace new cultures

Increase confidence Level

Know the value of home

Know about different people and places

See unforgettable moments

New experiences


Increase knowledge

Learn new language

Helpful to remove stress

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Beatriz Rossello Nevares: Top 5 European Cities

Beatriz Rossello Nevares love traveling and as a traveling girl she already visited on many tourist places across all over the world.
According to her(Beatriz Rossello) opinion, European cities are best for spending your vacations. Beatriz Rossello Nevares spend her most of the vacations in Europe. So Beatriz is familiar with European cities. Here Beatriz Rossello Nevares listed Europe’s top 5 places where you need to visit once in life if you want to see the beauty.

Here are the top 5 cities that listed by Beatriz Rossello Nevares:

1. Rome, Italy

2. Kotor, Montenegro

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Budapest, Hungary

5. Porto, Portugal


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Beatriz Rossello Nevares: 9 Best Travel Meals to Pack While Traveling

Beatriz Rossello Nevares is an international traveler. Today she discusses best travel snacks. As an international traveler, she knows the importance of food when in the way to the trip. Beatriz Rossello Nevares visited more than 50 countries. Beatriz Rossello Nevares is a professional tourist who always carries necessity things before traveling. today she shares some of some best foods that you need to pack while you travel.

Dried Fruit
Dried Fruit

Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich.jpg

Veggies Slice
Veggies Slice

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate.jpg




Coconut Juice
Coconut Juice

Nut Butter Sandwich
Nut Butter Sandwich

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The 7 Best European Beaches for Summer Vacation shared by Beatriz Rossello Nevares

Beatriz Rossello Nevares is a girl who spend most of the time on the web to searched the new places. Here Beatriz Rossello Nevares share an article about summer vacation ideas.

Are you ready for summer trip?
If you are struggling to finding the best European beaches for your summer vacations then read this article. Yes here you can see the best European beaches where you can enjoying your vacations and make it more memorable.

Beatriz Rossello Nevares find some beaches & make a list of top 10 best European beaches:

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Praia Marinha Beach, Algarve – Portugal
Praia Marinha beach.JPG

Navagio, Greece
Navagio, Greece

Ribadesella Beach, Asturias – Spain
Ribadesella Beach, Asturias - Spain.jpg

Oludeniz Beach, Turkey
Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Sveti Stefan Beach, Montenegro
Sveti Stefan beach, Montenegro.jpeg

Porto Katsiki Beach, Vasiliki – Greece
Porto Katsiki Beach, Vasiliki - Greece.jpg

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Beatriz Rossello Nevares: Most Popular & Stylish Hairstyles for Girls

Beatriz Rossello Nevares is a fashion girl who spent most of the time on the web. She always finding the trendy & new things that make her look different. Today Beatriz Rossello Nevares shares girl’s most popular & stylish hairstyles. Beatriz Rossello Nevares collects all images on the web.

According to Beatriz Rossello Nevares, these hairstyles are the best & trendy in 2017. Hope you will also like these.


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Beatriz Rossello Nevares: Destinos románticos de luna de miel en el mundo

Beatriz Rossello Nevares es fotógrafa a tiempo parcial de Puerto Rico. Le encanta viajar nuevos lugares y compartir su momento feliz a través de blog y canal social.

Hoy Beatriz Rossello Nevares comparte un breve artículo sobre los mejores destinos de luna de miel del mundo. Como sabemos la luna de miel es uno de los mejores momentos de la vida de cada persona. Todo el mundo tiene su propia opinión y opinión para la luna de miel. Alguien me encanta la zona de la colina y alguien me encanta la playa, y algunos aman las zonas tranquilas.

Aquí Beatriz Rossello Nevares comparte los 7 mejores destinos de luna de miel en el mundo, donde las parejas recién casadas comienzan su vida.

Islas Vírgenes Británicas
Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica

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Beatriz Rossello Nevares – Tourist Guide

Beatriz Rossello Nevares is the world-famous guide who guides the visitors in the language of their choice. Beatriz Rossello Nevares is the representative of the cities for which she are qualified and she interprets the culture and heritage of the area.

Beatriz Rossello Edad

Beatriz Rossello Nevares has been working as a tourist guide since over ten years. She did her masters in travel and tourism from TAT university of Bali, Indonesia.

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