Beatriz Rossello Nevares: Top 5 European Cities

Beatriz Rossello Nevares love traveling and as a traveling girl she already visited on many tourist places across all over the world.
According to her(Beatriz Rossello) opinion, European cities are best for spending your vacations. Beatriz Rossello Nevares spend her most of the vacations in Europe. So Beatriz is familiar with European cities. Here Beatriz Rossello Nevares listed Europe’s top 5 places where you need to visit once in life if you want to see the beauty.

Here are the top 5 cities that listed by Beatriz Rossello Nevares:

1. Rome, Italy

2. Kotor, Montenegro

3. Barcelona, Spain

4. Budapest, Hungary

5. Porto, Portugal


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Beatriz Rossello Edad is a fashion lover & travel addicted women.
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